Tason's Diary

In the Creepy Old House is Tason Chriech’s Diary. It is very old and covered in dust. Obviously the writer hasn’t been around for quite some time. Many of the posts contain his various musings, his condemnation of Vengi’s poetry, and drawn figures of barbaric rituals. Amongst those are the following entries that could be useful to the adventurers:

Hanai, 89 Years Since Our LORD Cleansed the World

As much as I despise the man, and am aware that he is a poor choice for servant, I regret that one day I will perish and Vengi will live on. I have curbed his taste for flesh, and protected him from being caught when his desires have overcame him, but I fear when I die the town of Portsmith will soon be upon him.

FenChai, 89 Years Since Our LORD Cleansed the World

As my health fades I am forced to deal with reality. I will not be able to bring Lothier back myself. I must recruit others to the order. The following are individuals I feel could be willing to join the order and bring Our LORD back into the world:

Meridith and Logan Winters – These two travelers have arrived in town and seem eager to hear about Lothier and those that may support him — perhaps I will see them first.

Ranan Mahask – A young smithy.
Elminn – An elf who works in the marketplace. Last name unknown.
Danom Presk – A human child who lives on this street who is all but eager to talk to me. I have stopped Venci from eating him as this child has the potential for great magic.

Banrief, 89 Years Since Our LORD Cleansed the World

It was all a ruse. Meridith and Logan Winters weren’t looking to become worshipers they were seeking to destroy worshipers of Lothier. How could I be so foolish in my old age?

Luckily I caught on just before they found out where I live. I have told Venci I am going away, I haven’t told him that I am going to die. Perhaps if I die without them knowing where I live Venci will be safe for sometime. Hopefully he has learned to curb his habits so that no one in the town will find him and kill him.

Tason's Diary

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