Adventuring Cloud Inn

Owner: Garni Kenfoddle

This inn’s poorly stereotypical name is the result of the infamous “chicken bet” between Garni and Wendell Mosengaw. Had Garni won, Wendell would have named his son “Fudwicket Elpen Olffle” which is apparently gnomish for “My father cannot kick a chicken.”

Accommodations: Common (a placed on a raised, heated floor, blanket and pillow, amongst higher-class company) for 3 sp/day

Breakfast: Hash, Goose eggs, Soft cheese, Raisins, Nut bread (cost 3sp).
Lunch: Rabbit stew, Soft cheese, Potato, Apple (cost 4sp).
Supper: Mixed grill, Taro, Black beans, Nut bread, Applesauce (cost 5sp).
Snack: Sharp cheese, Raspberries, Nut bread (cost 2sp).

Adventuring Cloud Inn

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