Dafydd Darkfire


Ac 15 (unless spell then 19)

hp 14

sneak attack = when it works…

gold carried (wouldn’t you like to know)

Kills 2 (and counting)


Well, as a young child I was raised as an orphan, (insert fluff) then I learned a little how to survive on my own in a big city. at the age of 13 I began to make a life for myself, living off the forced generosity of others around me. I then began to see that the force was strong with me and began to study on how to use it to my advantage. I learned a little from peers but mostly my own study. And now I’m traveling with this group that seems to not know my purpose, which is good for me, bad for them. I like making the final blows on enemies and getting most of the gold…

Dafydd Darkfire

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