Alice Winters

A squishy little wallflower witch currently in training to be a human metronome for an orc bardbarian.


HP: 6

AC: 11

Weapons: Dagger and thwacky stick

Armor: None

Fort: Laughable

Reflex: A joke

Will: Pretty good


Alice is fresh from a once happy but now not-so-welcoming home with her aunt and uncle. She hardly fought a day in her life before meeting Grombo and Co. and didn’t really plan this whole adventuring thing through. Her goal is pretty simple in concept though much more difficult in execution: Alice searches for her parents, about whom she remembers little. All she really has to go by are their names, Meridith and Logan Winters; her mother’s wedding ring, which she remembers admiring as a young girl (it was shiny and green and, therefore, fascinating to little Alice); and what her father had told his brother, her uncle, before leaving two-year-old Alice in her aunt’s and uncle’s care: that he and her mother were going on a quest.

All that added together led Alice to believe that it would be easier to find the questing couple (if they were still questing) by first learning how to quest herself. Joining an adventuring group seemed like a good way to learn while also earning money for a quest for her parents.

Yes, Alice has considered the fact that her parents could very well no longer be questing after seventeen years, but something kept them from coming back for her and she wants to find out what. During her adventuring, she reasons, she might come across individuals who had met her parents before, other clues to their whereabouts, or maybe even Logan and Mary themselves.

Alice is reluctant to form bonds with others at this point in time, worried that she would only forge them to have them severed; being left behind by your parents and recently disowned by the people and village you were raised by and in will do that to a person.

Hobbies: Alice is an art geek.
Skills: Artsy things (drawing, painting, and sewing, mainly). Also, she’s currently studying to be a metronome for the soon-to-be sensationally famous bardbarian, Grombo.
Random Fact: Before being kicked out of her home, Alice was aspiring to be an artist.

Initial impressions of her group:


A funny guy who could be a fun friend if being his friend didn’t also mean having the life hugged out of me. He’s one of the most entertaining bards I know and he’s not even a bard yet. We need to figure out some way to get around his tendency to do property damage or this group might lose more gold in fees than it makes in rewards. He eats odd things. Never play dead around him. IT WAS PEOPLE.

As Grombo is the only name Alice has been told, she will call the rest of her new companions by what she has heard them called before.

Bow Lady:

She seems nice enough. I don’t think she’ll stand in Grombo’s way again, at least not literally.

Strong Lady:

She’s quiet, but does decently in a fight. Perhaps the strong, silent type?

Sneaky Sneak:

Another amusing guy; he excels at failing to blend in by trying to blend in. He’s pretty odd in other ways too, such as how he keeps a mummified skull with him in his pack. What did he even hold onto that for? Sure, it didn’t look magic when I looked at it while spelled to see auras, but it was a skull found in a room full of necromancy-like magic stuff! No, it doesn’t matter where he found it — he’s keeping a mummified skull in his pack! That’s not as bad as Grombo eating people, but still!

Alice Winters

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