The Ashes of Lothier

McCarthism Smarthism

Where are "heroes" decide somethings just aren't their problem.

After the evil thing infected Grombo he felt very sick and ran off.

Poor Grombo.

Our plucky group of adventurers made due without their most bombastic acquaintance, climbing their way back up the stairs to explore the upstairs.

They found a young girl alive (but very tramatized). Dafydd found a lot of money that he didn’t share (and that the group never knew about) and they found Tason’s Diary.

The adventurers then left the house, returned the girl to her home, and ventured back to the Jobs Board where they saw quite a commotion.

Garni Kenfoddle was being arrested since his father was a supposed worshiper of Lothier and his inn, The Adventuring Cloud Inn was being burned to the ground. Wendell Mosengaw and his family, including his small son, were also being arrested since Wendell was friends with Garni.

The adventuring party, especially Illiana, decided that this was no business of theirs, that they should simply collect there money and GTFO.

Which they did, stopping first at Mallon’s Arm’s Arms a weapon shop ran by an interesting proprietor named Mallon. Dafydd left his skull there, Alice bought some weapons, and thus the adventures adventured forth…..away from the persecuted townspeople.

After camping outside the city, Dafydd awoke feeling quite ill and ventured back into the city to get himself healed. After making a considerable donation to the church and buying things he should have at first level, his skull herpes was healed.

Then our “heroes” wandered on, away from Portsmith, ending the evening by slaying to stupid bugbears.



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