The Ashes of Lothier

Grombo Returns Part 1

Where Our Heroes Invite The Mayor to a Town Forum....with their fists

Grombo, recovering from his health issues, received a detailed picture map from his friends explaining what had happened and why they had left. Grombo ran out to get them and bring them back so that they could rescue his other friends Wendell Mosengaw and Garni Kenfoddle.

Grombo came on the group shortly after they had slayed the Bugbears. After “hugs” were had, he told them that they had to go back to save his friends!

Illiana, who had orchestrated the groups exit in the first place would had none of this and told them to go on without her and she would remain at camp.

So the group, sans ranger, marched into the first tavern they could find, the Simple Gnome Inn. Grombo smashed down the door, and demanded of the innkeeper that he tell him where Grombo’s friends were.

Very confused, the innkeeper tried to handle the situation, eventually realizing Grombo was talking about Garni, the unfortunate former innkeeper of the Adventuring Cloud Inn. He told Grombo to keep his voice down (which is a bit like asking a harlot to be chaste) and that it was unfortunate but what were they to do when it was Mayor Danom Presk who was causing all the havoc with his harsh laws.

Grombo then decided they were to confront the mayor him self at his Residence and Capitol Building.

The plan was simple. Grombo and Tali would get arrested, then Alice and Daffyd would recue them so that they could rescue the others. Thus they became a four man infultration group, but Grombo is not good at talking so he called them “Grombo’s 11”.

So Grombo’s eleven approached the building. Grombo, ignoring the two guards that stood on either side of the front door, and the fact that the front door, being a building belonging to the town and it being midday, was most likely unlocked, walked between the guards and tried to kick the door down…and failed. Angry, he tried to headbutt the door. He successfully put his head through the door, but, regrettably, could not get it back out again.

Being that Grombo is in himself a walking confusion spell, it took a moment for the guards to decide any action at all. When they finally came to a conclusion to do something, they started trying to arrest the door-mounted Grombo.

Tali began intervening, punching the guards and trying to hold them off grombo. She eventually pulled Grombo free, and the two of them knocked out the guards.

They then charged into the building, Tali carrying one of the guards swords and Grombo brandishing helmets on either hand as make shift punching daggers. They took out four guards, scared of the women in charge of handling the mayor’s day to day affairs, and charged into the mayor’s office.



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