The Ashes of Lothier

Brothers Gotta Hug! Part 3

Our Heroes Meet, Greet, and Eat nasty Meat

After Vengi was slain in the saddest way ever, the party ransacked his corpse and found a mace no one wanted. Grombo tried to eat the book that smelled so nice and found the taste didn’t match. He then tried to eat the were rat.

Not to be outdone in poor decision making, the less than subtle thief found a treasure chest with a rotting skull inside and decided taking the skull was a good idea.

The party then ventured onward, past the destroyed stairway, and into the kitchen where Vengi the were-rat had been playing Iron Chef if the secret ingredient was people. After careful consideration and the explanation of his comrades, Grombo decided not to eat the meat.

The party then traveled to the next room, where they found some dire rats inside, which Tali and Dafydd destroyed quite easily. Afterwards Alice opened a cupboard, revealing a decaying corpse and the bugs that were feasting on it. Alice was quick to avoid the bugs, but one tunneled into Grombo.



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