The Ashes of Lothier

Brothers Gotta Hug! Part 1

Our Heroes Meet, Greet, and Eat nasty Meat

Grombo arrived at the Job Board. Wendell Mosengaw told Grombo he could have one of the jobs if he went to the inn across the street and took along 4 other adventurers. Perhaps to a character more sophisticated than Grombo, this highly convoluted nonsense of DM convenience would be considered perplexing, but Grombo is a simple half-orc who likes to smash things. So he gave Wendell a thank you hug.

A BIG thank you hug.

After acting out “Of Orcs and Men” Grombo hid Wendell in a barrel in the alley. You may feel the need to question “Why?”, but if we start questioning the actions of Grombo we will be here all day.

Grombo entered the poorly named Adventuring Cloud Inn looking for new friends and the strongest drink and more people to assault…ahem….I mean “hug”. Dafydd Darkwater, a human with a penchant for hiding in all the wrong places and awkward nearly-vowel-less names, offered to buy Grombo the strongest drink in the house.

Garni Kenfoddle brought out a large ominous jug that he claimed came from several owners past. Grombo then drank some, making the first of several fortitude saves of the evening.

Our adventurers met. Those who could talk their way out of it received no Grombo hug, much to his disappointment.

Wendell, newly awakened from his time in the barrel, came into the Adventuring Cloud to tell his friend Garni all about the crazy Grombo filled day that he had. Grombo rushed over, relieved his new friend was okay, and gave Wendell another big hug. While being embrace, Wendell handed the job postings to Ilyana saying “You can have them all, just get out of here.”

Perhaps another group of characters might have questioned why exactly Wendell pulled each of the job postings off the board and brought them into the inn, but in there defense they had received a lot of Grumbo hugs and their blood was probably being impeded on its path to the brain. Let’s just assume Wendell has a really good reason to do this, and it wasn’t just the DM trying to get things moving in any way possible.

Of the three job postings, the group took the one about people disappearing from the nameless part of town. And so they ventured forth: Grombo in front marching, Ilyana, Alice, and Tali walking casually behind, and Dafydd in the way back attempting to hide…as he walked…in broad daylight.



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